Luxury Scented Candle Gift set Ireland
Luxury candle gift set including 7.5oz candle & match holder
Beige 2 wick candle with matching match striker pot
Luxury candle gift set Ireland
Luxury candle Gift box

Beige Geo Candle Gift Set


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This luxury candle gift set, crafted in Ireland, provides an elegant and unique way to celebrate special moments. It features the best selling Geo scented candle, a stylish match striker jar and is presented in a beautiful gift box, making it the perfect choice for friends and family.

 Why these luxury candle gift sets are for you:

  • Choice of 8 luxury candle scents to choose from:
  • The 2 wicks create an even burn, which helps distribute the best scent around your home.
  • Lit or unlit, the lid will ensure your candle always looks stunning
  • The candle holders are made inhouse by the owner.
  • The stone candle holders are made from Jesmonite, an eco-friendly, safe alternative to resin, plaster, or concrete
  • Presented in a beautiful, eco-friendly packaging
  • Reuse the container as an indoor plant pot, pencil holder or whatever your imagination desires! After the wax has melted, remove the wick and wash the empty container with hot water and soap
  • Four candle holders are available in four neutral colors inspired by the clean, minimal lines of Scandinavian decor.
  • Receive a complimentary striker sticker with every purchase.

As the products are handmade, you may find small imperfections like tiny air bubbles


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