Orange, Cinnamon & Clove - Geo Scented Candle
Orange Cinnamon & Clove Christmas Scented candle
White Christmas candle
Orange, Cinnamon & Clove - Geo Scented Candle
Orange, Cinnamon & Clove - Geo Scented Candle

Orange, Cinnamon & Clove - Geo Scented Candle


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Get your favourite Christmas Scent in the Best Selling Geo Candle holders.

These candle holders will be the perfect addition to any neutral or minimal Christmas decor.

Available in White or Beige

Orange Cinnamon & Clove

Is there anything better than the scent of Christmas? This candle is the perfect Christmas candle with zesty orange, comforting cinnamon, and toasty clove. Visions of sitting by the fire in soft pajamas and fluffy socks while enjoying hot cocoa and the anticipation of Santa's arrival
Scent throw: Strong
Perfect for a larger room i.e Kitchen/diner, Open plan room or large hallway


Why these candles are for you:

  • This¬†candle's¬†2¬†wicks¬†create¬†an¬†even burn,¬†which helps¬†distribute¬†the best scent around your¬†home.
  • As the containers are made inhouse, you will be buying¬†a piece that is 100% Irish made
  • The¬†ceramic candle holders are made¬†from¬†Jesmonite, an eco-friendly, safe alternative to resin, plaster,¬†or concrete
  • Presented¬†in¬†a¬†beautiful,¬†eco-friendly, recyclable¬†package.
  • Refills are available for the Geo candle holders so you can continue to enjoy your favourite The Fragrant Nest candle scent or choose a new scent.
  • Reuse the container as an indoor plant pot, pencil holder or whatever your imagination desires! After the wax has melted, remove the wick and wash the empty container with hot water and soap, then you are ready to go!

Due to their handmade nature, you may find small imperfections like tiny air bubbles that add to their character. Also, colors may vary slightly from images shown.

More info: 

  • 212g / 7.5 oz candle
  • 30hrs+¬†hour burn time


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