White Tealight holder Christmas gift set
White Tealight holder Christmas gift set
White Tealight holder Christmas gift set
White tealight gift set Ireland | The Fragrant Nest
Tealight candle set Ireland | The Fragrant Nest

White Tealight holder Christmas gift set


This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

The Fragrant Nests white tealight holder set includes a matching tealight holder with lid, oval candle tray and match holder pot as well as 2 Xmas Scented Maxi Tealights, each with a 10 hour burn time .

These sets are very popular and will make a fantastic gift but they will also be a perfect addition to any Christmas decor

Also available in Black

2 Xmas Maxi Tealights included

Orange Cinnamon & Clove 

Is there anything better than the scent of Christmas? This candle is the perfect Christmas candle with zesty orange, comforting cinnamon, and toasty clove. Visions of sitting by the fire in soft pajamas and fluffy socks while enjoying hot cocoa and the anticipation of Santa's arrival

Peppermint & Fir Balsam

 This Christmas candle is perfect for those who don't like the conventional Christmas spice aroma, this is a subtle fresh winter scent

With the fragrance of a Peppermint & Fir Balsam candle, you may simulate the charm of a brisk winter night walk. Visualize a bright night sky filled with sparkling stars, fresh peppermint aromas, and mellow fir balsam in the background.

Included in this gift set

* Tealight holder with lid in a stunning design
* 2 x Xmas Scented maxi tealights with up to 10hr burn time each.
* Matching Oval candle tray
* Matching match striker pot & matches
* Tealight holder, tray & match striker pot are made using Jesmonite, an eco friendly alternative to
* Packaged in a gorgeous white gift box. That can be reused afterwards for storing your keepsakes.

Due to their handmade nature, you may find small imperfections like tiny air bubbles

Maxi tealight candle
Volume 42 grams Up to 10hr burn time

Candle Tray 18cm(L) x 9.5cm 9(W)

Tea light holder 85cm (H) x 70cm (D)

Match striker pot 52cm (H) x 42cm (D)


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